Thank you cards for sellers on eBay, Amazon, etsy, Poshmark, Mercari, and more!
Boost your positive feedback and user rating with these beautiful seller thank you cards.

Designed with your buyer in mind to get more positive reviews and increase your online sales presence.

We need to inform our customers that some of these card designs are discontinued and are no longer available on eBay and we have a very limited supply left here on our site.

eBay removed the listings saying we are not allowed to use the their colors. We were not using their logos or breaking any laws yet they still removed these designs just for having a random mess of similar colors. What you see here is what is left. Buy them now at discounted prices before they are all gone.

  • black thank you cards for sellers
  • Sale! for ebay seller thank you cards
  • poshmark thank you cards
  • amazon feedback request cards
  • Sale! thank you for supporting small business
  • Sale! ebay seller thank you cards
  • thank you for your order cards
  • amazon seller cards
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